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XXIX. Chopin Festival in der Kartause Gaming

The Chopin Festival in the Gaming Charterhouse is currently one of the most charming musical events in Austria which is also attended by numerous prominent celebrities from many countries around the world. Organiser of the Festival: International Chopin Society in Vienna.

Slovakia will be the guest of this year’s festival. 20th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Slovakia and the Republik of Austria.

Artists: Slowakischers Radio Symphonieorchester, Musikkapelle Gaming, Folkloreensemble Čečinka, Pressburger Klezmer Band, Slowakisches Quartett, Goldhauben Trachtengruppe Lackenhof, Piotr Kościk, Maros Klatik, Pauli Jamsa, Han-Gyeol LIE, Piotr Nowak, Kathrin Buczak, Juraj Cizmarovic, Miriam Rodriguez Brullova, Klaus Hehn.

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